Why Would I Need A Style Coach?

We become our most self aware during a crisis or a crossroads in life. This is the time to get in touch with you. For women this can be especially difficult. Bringing up a family, a career and seeing changes to the body shape from Menopause, illness, bereavement or even divorce. It is easy to lose our way, along with personal identity, confidence and any self esteem we once had.

Left unchecked, this can impact psychologically as well as mentally in all areas and relationships in our lives.

We have to get dressed, so why not choose the kind of clothes that bring out our natural brilliance, highlight our personality and bring out our best features!


If You LOOK Good, You FEEL Good

Dressing well is about finding balance to your body shape, using style, shape and colour to create an image where the packaging on the outside, matches those feelings on the inside. This boosts confidence and self-esteem and a sense of feel good in all areas of our lives.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Confidence Feel more confident, knowing how to dress in the best styles, shapes and colour for you, your personality, body shape,age and lifestyle. 


  • ControlLearn to shop for items that do double or triple duty in your wardrobe.Dress with focus on styles that work for you regardless of trend or fashion.


  • Choice Half your dressing time with a smaller wardrobe and greater choice, with an ordered space and winning looks for every occasion.


  • Impact- Create an impact for all the right reasons, with an image that reflects the best of you from the inside out, in business and personal life.


Do I Need A Big Budget For A Style Coach?

No. Although it is an investment that will keep rewarding you through many seasons, reasons and occasions.

If you still have doubts, then ask yourself this ONE question.

1.How much money do you waste each year on CLOTHES you can no longer take back?

What could this money have bought you? A weekend away, a special course or a holiday?






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