Why Would I need a Style Coach?

We become our most self-aware during a crisis or a big change in life. This is the time to get in touch with you. For women this can be especially difficult. Bringing up a family, working full-time, illness, seeing changes in the body shape, the menopause and not having enough time to ourselves. Whatever the situation, we all deserve the right to feel and look great. 

We have to wear clothes, so why not choose the kind that bring out our natural brilliance! Clothes echo who we are physically, emotionally and mentally.

One of the jobs of a style coach, is to help steer you away from repeated negative responses, replacing  them with a fresh focus and outlook. If you lack confidence or you suffer from low self-esteem, then consider this sentence.

If you LOOK good, you FEEL good

Knowing how to dress effectively for your body shape, height and natural colouring not only benefits and boosts your internal feelings, but is reflected and recognised independently by those around you. Create success in business and develop happier personal relationships, while your image delivers powerful, non-verbal messages. 

If it sounds positive, wait until you try it!

What Are The Benefits?

  • Focus– Learn to recognise, dress and shop for styles that fit you and your body type.


  • Save money Avoid wasted money on repeat mistakes shopping for items you can longer return or are bought on a trend or whim.


  • Save time Cut your dressing time in half with a smaller wardrobe and bigger choice.


  • Create Make yourself feel seen and heard for greater impact in business and personal life.


Do I Need A Big Budget For A Style Coach?

No. But it is an investment that will keep rewarding you through many seasons, reasons and occasions.

If you still have doubts, then ask yourself this ONE question.

1.How much money do you lose each year on CLOTHING you can no longer take back?

What could this money have bought you? A weekend away, a special course or a holiday?






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