Beauty Sketch


It’s been circulating around the globe and there are already parodies of it on the web. Yes, its an ad and the latest (Dove Real Beauty Sketches) selling soap and yes, the music is a bit saccharine but the message is clear: Beauty is not just about those things we easily see but the whole of us from the inside, out. How we feel about ourselves is what matters, regardless of what others’ think and that can shape the choices we make and the directions we take in life.

This means taking responsibility for who we are as individuals and what we can offer in areas that are not so easily seen. Compassion; humour, positivity, energy, being able to listen, being non judgemental, having courage, learning from our mistakes and starting over again.

It is these qualities that make a person truly beautiful, not whether the hair is thinning, the jaw is too broad or the first signs of crows feet have arrived.

Looks will fade, but if you take time to think about your achievements, big and small; your unique qualities and how you will have played an important role in others’ lives’ your individual beauty (whatever you perceive it to be) is what will be remembered.

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