On-line shopping

I have be honest and say I have never been a fan of on-line shopping. Even the word puts me off. The point of shopping (for me anyway) is the whole visual, tactile experience and to see for myself what is out there which you can’t do staring into a computer screen trying to see if the colour is really that colour. I also don’t like the hassle of returning things that don’t fit (insult to injury!) My Grandmother always said you have to feel a garment for its quality before you can buy it. I think she’s right.

Times have changed though, and in order to beat the crowds and badly lit changing rooms it is now possible to find a host of great websites that offer top brands; choice, quality, service and value for money.

I reviewed and bought from two websites (baby steps!) but there are of course hundreds out there.

First off is Vente Privee which was recommended to me by a friend of mine. (thanks Emmy!) I played it safe and ordered 2 tops from Esprit. A red roll neck jumper 100% cotton and a classic long sleeve black pullover, also 100% cotton. They arrived in good time, were well wrapped in good condition and superb value for money. Once you are a member, the site lets you know what is coming up so you can get into your starter blocks!



To build up confidence with the online experience it helps if you are familiar with the brand you like (as I was) If you are not however, get out the tape measure and make a note of your bust, waist, hip and leg length. Every website will have a universal sizing chart, so you can compare against it.

My second site is the award winning Top Vintage  which I came across when doing research for one of my newsletters which I loved instantly! It’s a great looking site and appeals to my love of picture postcard glamour of the 40’s 50’s and 60’s. The photos and description of each item really makes you feel that what you see, is what you get and I was extremely happy with my Glamour Bunny dress (see below) as it was not like anything I could find on the high street.


So, enjoy your shopping whether it’s on the street, or on-line and let me know if you find something that has something special or unique to offer!