Dress Me!

I was visiting Grazyna, my fabulous shop owner friend today from To Be A Woman for a catch up.

I was telling her about the presentation I held for the Munich International Womens’ Club called BRINGING OUT THE GODDESS IN YOU! when she showed me this long (warm tomato red) dress that just came in!

Even though the Summer heat is still on, I needed little persuading and I was in it as quick as a flash!
clove33 (1)                                                       The Lakshmi dress

From the front the dress is a long elegant column which drapes around the body.


clove33 (2)

The secret however is at the back!

With a tabard like second layer that sits on the shoulders and drops down, the material created a beautiful waterfall effect.

What I really love about this dress is there is no decolletage on display, yet it felt every inch old Hollywood glamour! I only had flats on which also worked well, but this dress needs heels to max it up!

Grazyna has a sale on right now, so get yourself down to Schwabing in Munich and say hello!



Hats Off!

I don’t know about you, but I love a bit of masculine dressing every now and again.

Think Marlene Dietrich and Katherine Hepburn; Their signature look was high waisted, wide legged pants, crisp shirts, a tie and brogues.

Top that all of with a hat and you have a unique look!

OK, so the yellow seersucker dress doesn’t quite work, but you can’t have it all!

Don’t ignore Menswear departments for great accessories (and sometimes better prices) For hats, scarves and shawls and even gloves.

Get going – The sales are ON!





Marry Me!

The height of the Wedding season maybe peaking but getting married is for any time, any place and anywhere!

As the smooth voice of bridal Atelier Mark Ingram talks us through his exquisite Gatsby inspired bridal collection, it makes me want to transport myself into his beautiful salon in mid-town Manhattan, New York and find myself in a bias cut gown. please!

The Wedding dress still has the ability to conjure up that cartoon moment; Whether it is a little bo-beep number with bows on every corner, a goth inspired look with Doc Martens or a voluminous satin affair ruched at every turn. There are millions of designs for as many desires.

I have a particularly big penchant for the 1920’s and 30’s when it comes to bridal wear. I think nothing beats it in terms of sheer glamour and timeless quality. Downton Abbey has certainly done a lot in re creating this look and sales have been up by as much as 70% in some stores.

Two thing to remember when trying on column dresses:

1. If you interested in a gown that is column shaped, or cut on the bias. (Fabric that is cut at a 45 degree angle across the grain, allowing the garment to cling to the curves) Take the best body shaper (in flesh) you can get; This will help define and create a sleek and smooth outline to your look and make decisions easier. These dresses by nature, don’t have concealed support so you have to create it!

2. Take the heels you will wear with your dress and make sure you can walk and dance in them! There IS nothing worse than a hobbling bride in a beautiful dress.

Send photos!

Also, check out this fab looking site Leluxe Clothing Co




Make me up!

I love the work of make up artist Lisa Eldridge – She is a pure makeup magician-ess!

Once you start looking at Lisa’s videos, you can’t stop!

She explains concisely why, how and what she does for the individual concerned. I chose this video because beauty is rarely depicted in anyone over 25 and a beautiful makeup is created for Yvonne a mature model.

When I was a teenager (back in the day) products weren’t as comprehensive as they are now. Rimmel, Cover Girl, Maybelline and playing around with pots of my Mums Mary Quant eyeshadows was pretty much it. I remember the heavily scented powders that gave me an orange face, badly chosen foundation that gave me tide marks (no, I gave me tide marks!) and bright red lips which, well, We won’t go there! Today most of the teenagers I see walking around look as though they have just stepped out of a music video!

Makeup needs to be understood; It is not a weapon but a means of enhancing your natural features. nothing more, nothing less.

Makeup should be a part of you, not apart from you and learning to understand why you apply makeup, helps to apply it.

Do you use makeup as a mask to cover up bad skin? Because you could never dream of going out without it? Or because someone told you, you need it?.

Makeup can at times be confusing and even intimidating. How to apply it can send us into a spin; Un-doing bad habits and getting confidence back can take years. With constant pressure from the media to look good, it is no wonder we get bullied into buying products in the hope that we too will get the look, the man, the career we dream of. Right? Wrong!

Firstly, you are gorgeous just the way you are! and secondly, never let anyone tell you what you should look like; dress like or otherwise.

If you DO decide to wear makeup, make sure at the very least, it enhances your natural features; face shape, hair skin and eyes.

Following people like Lisa will go a long way to giving you all the tools required to move your image up a gear when needs must.



Back to the Roots

Zina Saro-Wiwa directed and produced this wonderful film in 2012 for The New York Times called Transition.

Transitioning is when chemically straightened hair is cut in order to return it to its natural state. Zina’s hair was shaved off (for the first time in her life) for a video installation.

After the initial shock, She grew to love the results. So much, that instead of returning to the chemicals, relaxers and perms required to keep it straight, She kept it in its natural state. Her hair grew back to be luxurious; soft and in great condition and she had a freedom not experienced in years.

This process allowed Zina to unlock and discover a new relationship with her ENTIRE body.

It was refreshing and inspiring to watch Zina let go of some of the restraints and conforms dictated to us by the beauty industry.

What would you be willing to give up (even for a month) to see how it would effect your everyday life and others’ perception of you?

I would be curious to go without makeup. I depend on it to help me (literally) project my image to clients or when networking or speaking. If people don’t see me looking together, why should they trust that I do the same for them?

Let me know what you think and post a comment below!





Style me Betty!

On Wednesday July 10th I gave a presentation to the Munich International Womens’ Club.

It was entitled ‘Bringing out the Goddess in you’ which was a success. Watch out for my next post as I will cover this in more detail!

Of course it was important to pick the right dress-


I love the fashion of the 50’s and 60’s and the dress I wore had the feeling of both eras. I’m not a fan of online shopping (see previous post) but award winning site Top Vintage has done a lot to turn me around regarding quality and service.

The ‘Glamour Bunny’ dress lent just the right feeling to my presentation; something that wasn’t too distracting but had a certain IT factor and that was comfortable to boot. It had it all.

Because there was quite a bit of space to play with in the neckline area, I pondered over what I could wear accessories wise; I phoned my friend who is a stylist to ask her if she had anything special. Betty turned up at my apartment with a beautiful bag full of stella & dot jewellry and we got to work and had fun trying on many beautiful pieces. doubleneckFinally, It came down to these two beauties. The pearls (Lucia) and the flowers (dot bloom) The flowers won because as Betty pointed out, they were just a little bit different. I felt fantastic!
stelladotContact Betty  and have a chat with her if you are interested in holding a jewellry party -They are SUPER fun!


Du hast die Haare schön! *

What is it about visiting a hair salon that makes us ladies feel good? It is especially true for me since It has been (4 months) since my last visit. Shocking, I know. At the very least, it is a nice chance to sit down, leaf through some magazines, have a coffee and get pampered for a bit.

Graham and Graham was recommended to me by a friend (thanks again Emmy!) Ari spent time talking to me about what I wanted (and in my best hairdressing German!) I asked for a freshen up which to me, means everything! I received a semi-permanent colour in two different tones; wash, intensive conditioning treatment and a cut and blow dry. He also did a great head massage!


As well as a good cut, hair colour (if you are going down that path) is SO important and like makeup, it should look a part OF you, not apart from you. I was really happy with the warm colours that were worked through my hair.

On reflection, my before and after photos aren’t that different, but to me they are ALL the difference! I feel younger, my face feels slimmer and I want to keep swishing my hair around like a kid-That’s got to be worth it!

I highly recommend this lovely, no frills and friendly salon.

Thanks a lot Ari and the team!

*’Du hast die Haare schön’ (you have beautiful hair) is what’s chanted to the footballers in Germany!