Happy Birthday To You!

I already blogged about this in May this year, but since these fabulous ladies continue to make it into the press, I have saved you from scrolling down to find it again!

Not only did my ever so stylish Mum turn 70 this year, but today marks the 70th Birthday of German fashion designer Jil Sander, so what better way to celebrate!……….

Elegant; exquisite, glorious, resplendent, statuesque, flawless, radiant, ravishing and stunning are just some of the adjectives to describe beauty.

Who pops into your mind when you see these words? An actor, supermodel,TV star or someone you work with or are related to?

For a while now, my head has been turning for a second look, to a group of Women not usually associated with the words flawless or ravishing, but are holding the torch fierce and bright, leaving many of the younger generation in the shade.

I’m referring to folk in their 60’s, 70’s 80’s and beyond who are gracing our Cities and sidewalks with style and confidence; No longer rushing out to buy the latest must have item or hung up on what’s in or out but accepting of themselves to express their individual character and personality in what they wear, and how they wear it and not giving a monkeys who likes it or not!

A  bright shawl over a jacket, angular hair cuts, ruby red lips or wearing a hat that has seen sixty summers, these women not only own their look, they rock it!

New York based photographer Ari Seth Cohen took his love for the older generation a leap further and in 2008 created his blog Advanced Style

With 10 million hits; films, a new book and counting, he is bringing his silver stylistas, to the forefront rather than keeping them out of sight, in a youth obsessed fashion culture that says we should all but disappear when we reach 60!

Listening to characters like Iris Apfel 91, Lynn Dell 79 and Ilona Royce Smithkin 93, It is easy to see why these Women have become role models not only for their generation but for generations to come. Reading the comments on his blog are a joy and emphasise the very important message of looking forward not backwards. I know I am!

It is time to stop letting the fashion industry intimidate us into feeling out of date; old or no longer visible but use it to empower and express who we are from the inside out, whatever our shape and whatever our age!

These Women, this photographer and his film go a long way to do just that.

For more, check out BBC 4 Woman’s hour (Play at 18 minutes 56 seconds for the Advanced Style story) and the BBC News Magazine

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Milk-Made Fashion!

Fancy a dress made of cows milk? Then take a look at this video and meet the fashion designer from Hannover, Anke Domaske who sells her milk fibre fashion all over the world.

Using no pesticides, no chemicals and a short production process, this is eco-friendly fashion at its best. The organic fibre has a silky feel without the cost of real silk and washes normally says Anke.

Go check out her website Madamoiselle Chi Chi which has great colour and cool designs!