Blazing Trails of Colour!

Having just got back from a short visit to see my Mum in Devon, England I took the opportunity to take some snaps of her very own hand-painted silk scarves and of her!

silk7Mum in her inimitable style-Why wear one skirt, when you can wear two!

For more than twenty years my Mum has been painting on silk; She took a course in London in the 80’s and has been painting ever since. Having taken some time out, I am happy to say She returned to it this year with gusto and has produced a harvest of colour, pattern and gorgeous motives. Since each scarf is hand-made and not repeated, it gives them a unique, almost living quality and of course they are exquisite to feel and wear.


As with every artist, her inspiration comes from many places; Landscape, people, places, colour, objects, poetry, animals, fashion, sculpture and most importantly, from her.

silk2Creating a silk scarf involves several hours work from stretching the silk onto a frame to hand-painting (using various techniques) to steaming and hand-washing for the finished product.

Below: Rolling the scarves onto cloth to steam for two hours. A scarf is not finished until it has been steamed; This not only fixes the colour (to stop it running) but strengthens it too.
silk8Joy Silks supplies a small collection of scarves to art galleries in the UK and Scotland- Please contact me if you have questions or enquiries.