It’s Raining Men!

The following two posts are dedicated to Men (I spoil you!) and are taken from my new page Men Only! 

Men don’t get much air-time when it comes to fashion. Yes, there are the fashion shows, magazine shoots, expensive watches and blogs on man bags and chunky knitwear. But when it comes down to dressing they still only have to get the basics right and are good to go: A suit, shirt and tie. Jacket, shirt, jeans, pullover,shoes, bag and out the door!

Dressing well is more than the sum of its parts; If you feel good about yourself, regardless of age, shape, sex or size, you are likely to take more care over your image. Any Compliments you receive will reinforce that you are on the right track and will continue to boost your self-esteem.

The key to good dressing is not to follow trends or try to copy an image that isn’t you, but knowing your body shape and maximizing on your best features and natural colouring.

‘‘Be yourself always, there’s no one better”

Being comfortable in the clothes you wear will help you stay confident. This allows you to get on with the business of the day so your style and colour can do the talking for you!

For a wardrobe foundation, take a look at my Top Ten items in the post below or book an appointment with me TODAY for an image that boosts your confidence and reflects the best of who you are in your business and social life.


 Ingolstadt Shopping Village – I recently visited one of the collection of Chic Outlet Shopping villages (Bicester Village in London is the first) The Munich village is superb and has one of the best collections of menswear I have seen in a long time. You can create a comprehensive wardrobe here for a fraction of the cost and without the crowds of the hight street- I will be holding shopping trips in the Spring, so watch this space!


Donald’s Menswear– I’m giving my home town of Okehampton in South West England a plug with this long established menswear shop. Donald Rooke and his wife Carol have been running Donald’s since 1984. With over forty years experience, they offer a personal service that is second to none. Amongst others, they stock Barbour, Bruhl, Daniel Grahame, Franco Ponti, Jockey, Mish Mash, Morley, Peter England and Pod.


Primer– I have subscribed to Primer for a few years now. They have contributing writers and editors keeping it fresh and stuff that you want to know if you are a man about town or country. It is also very good for business and post graduates. Enjoy


Top Ten must-haves for Men!


For a wardrobe foundation, take a look at the items below or book an appointment with me TODAY for an image that boosts your confidence and reflects the best of who you are in your business and social life.

1.JACKET-Invest in a well tailored jacket. Don’t confuse this with wearing your suit jacket. A jacket or blazer is an individual item that can be worn with jeans and dressed up or down. Pick a jacket in a decent cloth and choose navy or dark brown. Either plain or herringhone. The jacket will form an important basis of your smart casual wardrobe.

2.FITTED SHIRT– Either plain or check. You can also do block colours for contrast. Make sure the shirt fits your body and you are not swimming in material. This will ensure that anything you layer over the top will sit well and won’t clump under your sweater.

3.V-NECK SWEATER– Fine knitwear looks great over a fitted shirt and gives a sophisticated, modern look.Go for dark brown, blue, black, or maroon and contrast these with your fitted shirts for maximum impact!

4.JEANS- Preferably In a dark indigo wash and should be well fitted and clean cut. Jeans should not be frayed at the edges and should drop neatly over the shoe or boot. If there is a problem with length take them to a tailor.Jeans that are either too short or too long, will make you look smaller or bigger than you really are!

5.CHINOS or CORDS in grey, khaki or a pale colour- Work these with jackets of the same hue or add a contrasting colour in a jacket, shirt, pullover or cardigan.

6.SHOES- A classic pair of oxfords or brogues are a staple in any mans wardrobe but for a more casual look, go for a pair of suede desert boots. Choose brown blue or black.

7.TIE-If you have to wear a tie, make it count. Ties are best in silk and a chance for you to show some personality and flair. Pick either solid colours or subtle patterns. Large stripes and cartoons are 80′s and ageing. Choose a knitted tie if you want to be a little edgy but casual. Note: Today a Black Tie event can also mean ‘no tie’ so check with company protocol!

8.HANDKERCHIEF-A handkerchief adds extra flair in a top pocket and can pick out the colours in your shirt or overall colour.Handkerchiefs are not just the reserve of weddings!

9.COAT- A wool overcoat is a must in any mans wardrobe.The style is up to you. Pick from a trench, zip up or pea coat, double breasted or single button. Invest in a decent coat and it will last a lifetime and always look good.

10. MEDIUM SIZED BAG-A messenger or duffle bag will look good anywhere. Leather is best but you can also go for cotton or canvas. Pick a solid colour or subtle print.

If you have looked at this list, and your eyes glaze over because you hate shopping- I can help! Take a look at my testimonials from men who faced their fear and did it anyway!


Sock it to me!

Giving socks at Christmas is something we are told, to avoid for fear of being predictable; boring or simply lacking in imagination. A few years ago I may have agreed with this, but not any more. How can you not smile unwrapping these beauties? Given to me by Mum (see her in the post below!) the socks are a first for me from the long established family run business in the village of Avoca, County Wicklow, Ireland.

Avoca mill was bought by solicitor and philanthropist Donald Pratt and his wife Hilary in 1974 who rescued it from being turned into a holiday complex. Having survived as a mill since 1723 the family reinstated it to full working order. With a mission to ‘create joy and have fun’ It is clear the company have a love for colour as well as being individual and quirky which no doubt, contribute to their continuing success.


Having been managed by the Pratt family for the past two generations, Avoca is still the oldest surviving business in Ireland. They employ 600 people across the country and wholesale to nine stores worldwide. When visiting the village, you can also take a comprehensive tour of the working mill and watch the handweavers creating the famous and colourful blankets in front of you. These are all good reasons to love these socks, if nothing else!