Personal Stylist, Sir?

Having recently added a page for Men on my website I saw this timely article in The Guardian written by blogger David Evans otherwise known as Greyfox.

”Many men, whether they are interested in fashion or not, have at some time wondered if they could be better dressed” says David who created his blog for men in 2011 after becoming aware that the majority of fashion is aimed at the under forty’s with little choice (or direction) beyond.


He puts two different personal styling services through their paces to see what is on offer. The first is a one-to-one service and an initial consultation finishing with a shopping trip. The second is based on a telephone consultation with a selection of outfits compiled and sent in the post. Both have positive results even though they are vastly different.


Having offered personal styling for men since 2006 I believe face to face service is unequivocal in terms of matching the right colours, style and tailoring to the individual. After all, It is not only the personal colouring (hair eyes and skin) and the physical frame that is important, but getting to know some of the personality, character and lifestyle of a person that can help create a truly individual service with a lasting outcome.

mensocks Why bother with personal styling?

Shopping with a stylist means you can avoid the problems of the emotional tangles often associated when shopping with someone you know more intimately. Rather choosing things they would like to see on you, or letting you drift into the unknown and ending up with bags of clothes that are worn once and put to the back of the wardrobe. Frustrating and expensive to say the least!


A stylist eliminates all of that. Whether you want a new look personally or professionally, a profile is created based on your body type, natural colouring, personal likes and dislikes, lifestyle and budget. Research is carried out to find items of clothing that match your profile and a shopping day is arranged.

The best part for me is when a customer gets their ”A-ha” moment and realizes what works and what doesn’t. How the right clothes and colour can be youthful without trying too hard and surprisingly how they can’t wait to go shopping on their own!

The chances that the well dressed man you just passed went to a stylist? That’s for them to know and you to find out!