Emotional Fitness!

The shelves are already groaning under the weight of books and magazines on Bikini diets (as I write, it is 152 days until summer) with regimes on how to get rid of winter fat and tips on losing those winter blues.

Personally, I don’t weigh myself. I know what my ideal weight is and the things that are bad for me. The majority of the time, I avoid the type of foods which tighten my waistline and make me feel sluggish. They’re the ones loaded in sugar and saturated fat. They send me into a helter skelter of low blood sugar shakes and yawns like I haven’t slept for a week. Not nice.



Sarah Danning from Physically Fabulous

There is no doubt that keeping fit is the way to a better quality of life. It makes everything easier. Health, well being, increased confidence and getting dressed without turning yourself inside out. But what about an ideal emotional fitness?

Being emotionally fit doesn’t lend itself to the packaging on glossy magazines. ‘Are you strong in the head, as well as in the bed?’ they just wouldnt sell and are the reserve of bookshops in the self-help section. Sorting yourself out emotionally is too much like hard work and besides, it can wait can’t it?

Our internal dialogue sabotages possible changes with reasons why things should stay as they are. ‘It’s my fault that I’m always messing up’  ‘I’m lucky to have anyone at my age, so I shouldn’t complain’  or ‘I’ll get round to it when Spring comes’. As the poet Edward Young said ‘procrastination is the thief of time’

It’s easier to go on a diet than change a job that leaves you feeling undermined. simpler than standing up for yourself in a friendship that leaves you empty or un-appreciated and certainly easier than confronting a relationship that no longer reflects your basic values.


They say people don’t really change until they’ve suffered enough. It’s probably true. I like to think of emotional fitness as a yearly stock take of oneself. A chance to make a few adjustments and press the refresh button. Being introspective is not easy, but it allows you to become aware of your place in the world and of those you love. If you don’t rate yourself highly others won’t either. This applies to everything, from work, relationships, friendships, goals and anything else of value in life.

Minor changes can make a major impact-

Acceptance- Its cliche but learning to love who you are goes hand in hand with confidence. People love to be around others who are comfortable in their own skin.

Honesty- If you can be honest to yourself and your journey in life you will be able to help others when it matters. If your attitude remains unchanged, don’t expect the outcome to be any different.

Responsibility- You have a responsibility to have the best that life has to offer. That also means taking it on the chin when you’ve messed up. whatever. whenever. whoever. Say sorry. move on.

No is a complete sentence- The world will not cave in if you disagree, have your own opinion (or first argument!) It will however, give you a greater sense of control in life.

Inspiration-You may not be aware of it, but someone is already inspired by who you are and what you are. Be proud of your achievements and of your failures. big or small and share your story when the time is right.

Now, I must find my bikinis..