Love The Skin You Are In?

Acceptance: The process or fact of being received as adequate, valid or suitable

Image courtesy of Lia Edwards

‘Before you can think about having style, you have to learn to look in the mirror and like what you see’ Issac Mizrahi

Aside from style, It is true of anyone who finds it difficult coming to terms with the way they look regardless of age shape or size.

Size is personal, but It is how you feel about yourself that matters and that can make the difference whether you are noticed in a positive way or a negative one.

This was beautifully highlighted at an evening event I was at in London recently. A tall lady with a full rubenesque figure passed me wearing a fitted bustier and a long fitted fishtail skirt. I stepped ahead of her briefly to tell her how fabulous she looked; She looked me straight in the eye and with a beaming smile thanked me confidently and said ”I know”
Everything about her eminated vitality and warmth and In accepting my compliment, she acknowledged this-I havent forgotten her for it

It is not only the way we look or dress that can inspire others but by accepting ourselves as a whole and maximising on the potential we can create a powerful force to our lives and of those around us.

Confidence, positivity, humour and kindness draw us to most people, but it is these qualities that are often overlooked in the race for physical perfection

The media make it their business to promote an impossible ‘ideal’ of what women should look like, not what they do and that our self worth is not measured by character, achievements or intelligence but by body size and shape.

It is estimated we spend 3 billion Euros annually on diets alone and research dictates we only stay on a regime for a certain amount of time before moving on to the next in the hope it brings the desired result.
With  83% of non verbal communication being visual and daily reminders through aggressive advertising and marketing it is no wonder those with low self esteem succumb to the pressure of looking good, rather than remembering more important, positive aspects of themselves.

‘If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter;
 for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself’
Desiderata – Max Ehrmann 1927

I’m not talking about entering a beauty pageant but simply learning to ‘like’ what you see in the mirror.
Think about the things that set you apart and make you the unique individual you are; whether it is expressive eyes, clear skin, a great sense of humour or a beautiful speaking voice.
Having good health and being fit enough for your favourite sports and activities is something that can be taken for granted but they are all reasons to love what you have and what your body can do for you.
Celebrate your successes as well as your failures no matter how big or small. These experiences allow us to develop into stronger, happier individuals and in turn help others.

Make sure it is not your husband, boyfriend or your past that dresses you!
If you‘ve come home excited with a new outfit and the other half doesn’t like it, too bad! If something makes you feel good, then wear it.
Learning to develop and trust your personal style is an important step to higher self esteem, so start practicing to make perfect!

Good posture costs nothing more than a little concious effort;
Standing tall and walking upright helps to elgonate the body giving it a more streamline appearance whilst making your clothes look even better.
Good posture gives an impression of confidence and competence.
If you are tall, enjoy your height and don’t compensate for it by stooping or hiding it. If you are shorter, standing tall and having good posture will emphasise your stature. wearing hats is one way of adding stylish height to your frame!

High heels  can give an outfit an air of authority and sex appeal.
But If you are going down the heel route, make sure you choose a height you can walk in without stooping or stumbling as nothing looks worse than a ‘learner driver’!
Heels by their very nature require a deliberate walking style-they are not Uggs!
If you can, always try shoes on in the first part of the day before the feet are likely to swell up from the days activities which will give you true fit.

One of the most effective changes men and women can make to their appearance is with their hair.
A new cut, colour or even growing it longer can make a difference to the overall appearance. Hair can add volume to a face or create a slimming effect depending on how its cut.
Look through magazines for a similar face shape to yours and take it to a reputable salon to see what they can do for you.
If you don’t like it, It will always grow back!

Eyebrows frame the eyes and give your face its overall expression.
Getting your eyebrows shaped is a great way to open up the eye area and give yourself a more updated look.
If you are doing it yourself, pluck the hair from under the brow and make sure you do not over pluck!
There are eyebrow bars in most good department stores. I have tried threading and found it the best method.


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