About Rachel

Originally from Devon in South West England, Rachel lived in London for more than a decade, managing a successful career as a model and wholesale fashion seller, working for leading fashion brands as well as modelling for TV commercials and the U.S shopping network Q.V.C

Experience as a model (and a twin) taught Rachel that feeling confident and in control of an image doesn’t come from copying others or from following trends.

Using the correct elements of style, shape and colour, it is possible to reflect and highlight every aspect of our unique character, personality, body shape and natural colouring.

A successful and confident image is one where there is balance and harmony between who you are, and what it is you want to convey, so that the feelings on the inside, reflect the ‘packaging’ on the outside. This creates an image that is not only authentic, but promotes the very best version of yourself regardless of your role in life.

In 2006 Rachel qualified as an Image Consultant with Talking Image in London in all aspects of styling, wardrobe planning, personal shopping, colour analysis and makeup.

Rachel travels between the UK, Germany and Ireland working with a wide range of business professionals, companies and creatives. As well as styling for films, Rachel hold workshops and presentations on body image, colour, shape and style.

Rachel honed her writing skills in 2009 on fashion articles for Matchless Magazine, a non profit on-line magazine sponsored by the US Consulate. Her first article In praise of the Dirndl remains on the most read! She write a bi-monthly NEWSLETTER Click here if you would like to subscribe.

Accompanying this site are testimonials from people who have experienced positive results in a friendly, non judgemental environment. Rachel is looking forward to doing the same for you!

  Fun Facts

I am an identical (and unexpected twin) I am also a Gemini

I started out modelling by sitting for life drawing classes and a Mad Max cartoonist.

I have a rally driving certificate from Silverstone racetrack

After joining the Navy at seventeen, I discovered I was a terrible swimmer

I was driven around the Hockenheimring at 120mph by a pro-driver. When he saw me smile, he drove around again. I smiled because I was still alive.

I love all hats, corsets & fashion from the 50’s, anything in red, back-seamed stockings and peep toe shoes. I love the wafting smell of cigars, well dressed men, and any work by Jack Vettriano

I make a fairly decent German gingerbread (Lebkuchen)