My acquaintance with personal image grew while working as a model in London on TV campaigns, photographic and fashion work. Over time, I have been told that I was too tall, too short, too fat, too thin and have been weighed and measured in front of clients who didn’t believe my dress size or weight.

It was while working for Betty Barclay and showing outfits with a group of models when I heard a loud scream ‘Get out of that dress, you are killing my sale’ directed at me with a straight arm, the angry red lipped fashion seller sent me straight back to the changing room. I was selected out as the bad apple. I was mortified.

Moments like these and the constant pressure of staying an ideal weight, slowly but surely robbed me of my confidence and the self-esteem I once had.

It got me thinking. If I had problems as a model with clothing that didn’t fit and a feeling I was flawed, what was it like for other women, when it came to buying clothes they wanted to feel good in. How did they feel about their body shape and size. Were shopping trips a success or a continuous failure?

Later on, I worked with top clothing brands selling collections to buyers across the country. I watched as they tried to keep their customers happy. Complaints that jackets weren’t long enough, sleeves too short and neck lines too low. It was clear that shopping needed to be easier for everyone, and a lot more fun!

By now my overwhelming desire and passion to help women feel and look their best, had reached a point of no return.

In 2006 I re-trained with Toshiko Kobatake of Talking Image to become a style coach in colour analysis, styling, personal shopping, make-up and wardrobe planning.

I have worked with stunning size zero models who have been the most self loathing people I met, and plus size women who commanded a room with their presence, confidence and natural ease. No matter what age, shape or dress size, it is how you feel about yourself that matters.

We have to wear clothes, so why not make them count? Dressing should be balanced and in harmony with your body shape, natural colouring, personality and lifestyle.

If you are ready to make the next step toward an exciting new chapter for YOU, then Join me for fun and focussed sessions in colour, wardrobe and shopping that reflect you and make you feel fantastic from the inside out!

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