• If you are stuck in a rut emotionally and physically, choosing what to wear can be overwhelming, confusing, frustrating and even intimidating. Once a pattern sets in, the cycle can be difficult to break.


  • Experiences such as divorce, illness, bereavement or job loss can leave us on the back foot, with a lack of confidence, low self-esteem and less of the feel-good factor we once had.


  • Life today is fast, demanding and more competitive than ever. This increases the need to find more effective ways to improve confidence, generate well being and create a productive life that is both meaningful in your personal life and working life.


  • Almost everyone I work with says  ”I wish I had done this earlier”! So, let me show you how to turn the pain of dressing into a pleasure, and make you feel seen again!


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Originally from South West England, Rachel lived in London for more than a decade, managing a successful career as a model and wholesale fashion seller, working for leading fashion brands, TV commercials and for the U.S shopping network Q.V.C

Rachel qualified as an Image Consultant with Talking Image in London in all aspects of styling, wardrobe planning, personal shopping and colour analysis and has helped facilitate the personal image of hundreds of people from individuals to large corporate companies. Being a twin and model helps Rachel understand the deep need for women to create an image all their own, whilst highlighting  their unique aspects and renewing their self confidence!