Pete Bellis

Pete Bellis

When I trained as an image consultant we were asked to think about our personal style which could fall between one or more of these categories:


The exercise was to help define a style depending on our lifestyle and personality.

In large fashion orientated cities like London Paris or New York it is quite easy to pass people on the street who have a ‘definitive‘ look and style. From the woman influenced by the 1940’s wartime pin-up, the rockabilly couple with matching tattoos and of course the punk.They ‘catch our eye‘ for a few seconds longer and invariably make us smile. They break the montony of suits and the world of black and grey and remind (and inspire) us that aswell as paying the rent, life can also be a world of imagination, colour and possibilites.
Having lived in London It was easy to get blase about these experiences but I always appreciate it when I see someone has gone the extra mile to dress for themselves.

Here are some tips to finding your individual style

  •  Choosing a vintage piece will enable you to wear something one-off  and original. If you don’t want to wear something old but want the the look of it, the wave of vintage shops on the high street and online are burgeoning so run a search of places in your area or go to Top Vintage for a fantastic online selection of vintage and retro clothing.


  •  If you prefer looking, touching and trying-on to on-line shopping (I do) then visit the flea markets for vintage, handmade and one-off pieces.I can vouch for all of these, so go with plenty of time and cash!

Paris-Le Marche Aux Puces
London-Old Spitalfields market & Portobello Road
New York-Hells Kitchen

  • When shopping for second hand clothes check for any obvious damage to the material (including moths!) If its something you can repair at reasonable cost or do it yourself then decide this before you buy. What you see is what you get and besides, you want your individual style to be just that!


  • Take a look through your own closet and see what can be re-cycled and revamped for a new look. If you haven‘t worn something for over a year, decide what you like about it and find a way to make it work for you again. If not, give it to someone who can use it and free up some space!


  • Visit a haberdashery department to give your clothes a new look; new buttons for a favourite coat, a floral lining or braiding or frogging for a hem or jacket. Adding a brooch to any jacket or coat gives it instant glamour! These small touches cost little but add a lot to the look of an outfit and individual style.


  • There are vintage tea party websites, books on hairstyles, makeup and style books to take you right back to the glamorous days of old- so start exploring and discover the art of dressing up!


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