Colour Analysis & Makeup

Kris Atomic

Tonal Method

  • Based on the natural colouring of your skin, eyes and hair, a colour analysis will show you your most flattering colours. From those that improve the appearance of your complexion, even out the skin tone and allow your natural features to come alive to colours that simply make you feel good.
  • Using the Tonal method, we drape from seven different colour palettes. This determines your best choices. From colours to wear around your face, your upper body or as an overall look.
  •  Create a powerful non-verbal message. Wearing your best colours, allows you to communicate authority, trust, honesty and integrity and allows you to create a positive and powerful presence before a word is even spoken
  • Update your look with a palette of colours that you can mix and match for business, pleasure, and your best colours in accessories and makeup



Make-up should be a part of you, not apart from you

  • In all cases, make-up should compliment your natural colouring and enhance your best features. Anything else is distracting and can even be off putting if you are in a position of power or influence.
  • Many women I talk to are overwhelmed by the vast range of beauty products on offer, and would like to know how to apply makeup using better techniques.
  • A one-to-one makeup session is a chance to learn these techniques in the comfort of your own home!
  •  Whether you are starting to wear makeup. would like to update your look or you want something for a special occasion.

Scott Webb

  • Learn how to play up your best features using professional techniques from an expert!
  • Learn how to do a makeover in 15 minutes
  • Makeup that compliments your skin, hair and eyes
  • Makeup for day to evening
  • Makeup for an interview or the office
  • Makeup for teens
  • Makeup for the over 50’s
  • Makeup for photo shoots
  • Makeup for special occasion

 Skin Care

  • Makeup only looks as good as the skin it is applied to. If your skin is cared for and well moisturised, the products you apply and spend money on, will reflect this.
  • Whether you want branded products or 100% Organic. Research is carried out according to your requirements so that your skin is in prime condition, with or without makeup.
  • This session includes research and a personal profile of products bought and how to use them
  • Makeup Session: 150 Euro (Includes a full makeup session with a personal profile of products used and tips on makeup and skincare)


See What People Say!

“After already having had an amazing and life-changing experience with Rachel as a style consultant during a two-day session last year, I was over the moon with the make-up session that she did for my wedding – fitting in myself and two bridesmaids during a tight morning session and making us all look beautiful for the whole day. She researched our skin types and colouring in advance and bought and laid out all the products the day before. And then she made the session fun for me and the two teenage girls.

It was a wonderful, intimate and special time just before taking my  vows.

Rachel is the perfect person to work with on your personal image, stye and overall look. She is knowledgeable, talented, lovely to talk to and a beautiful person herself.

I would recommend her to anybody”. Anna C-Munich

 ”I want to thank you for the great skin care and makeup day we had. I really learned a lot. You have a wonderful ability to understand deeply and be able to attend to the unstated, but very important, issues that I had regarding my sense of beauty, worth and just plain viability in this beauty-culture. It became a journey of self-expression and finding myself in the mirror. You listen very gently and show true empathy and compassion. And you are also so confident in your assessment of each person’s beauty and specialness, and now I feel that way too” Adele NYC

”Since my skin session, I’ve grown up, I willingly take responsibility for my welfare and my beauty. And I am so pleased to be able to present to the world the person who I am.Thank you Rachel for your talents, experience and eye-for-color. I wish you all the best” ”Before our session, I was feeling so sad that I look so old and grey and feeling that my face felt tight and stressed and so uncolorful. Now my face feels fresh, clean and comfortable; moisturized and happy. The lines that I was seeing before are now not just ridges in my face”

(After a wardrobe planning session)– I’m especially grateful for the colour analysis and make up, it really does make such a difference to the overall look being able to wear the right colours for my skin tone. And I very rarely leave the house without make up now too. The Bourjois make up is perfect for everyday wear and it just feels so comfortable and covers up all the unevenness without feeling like I have plaster all over my face. I love it!          Richelle-Munich                                           

I highly recommend working with Rachel. She came to my home for a colour analysis and make-up consultation, and our meeting was both fun and helpful. Rachel is a great listener, very patient and kind, and provides constructive advice. I would work with her again. ‘K’ -Munich

“I always cared about dressing well at work and did not think of myself as a bad dresser. However, it was not until the session with Rachel that I realized the importance of color tones and visual clarity for executive presence.My wife comments that my style finally ‎reinforces the substance I have been bringing to our executive team.                          Jürgen technology executive

Rachel gave me invaluable tips on how to look my very best.  She helped me to update my style with new eye make-up techniques, replacing the same old ones I had used forever.  Also, now  I know which colors make me look powerful or approachable, great knowledge for my corporate work. I highly recommend working with Rachel, I just wish I had done so 20 years ago! 
Mrs L-Munich


I had a wonderful and fun morning together with a friend of mine at Rachel’s studio.
The coaching I received from her on my colour styles and skin care/make-up was great. She did it in a very individual way, listened to my concerns, answered all my questions, provided me with great tips and great suggestions for the clothing as well as the make-up and skin care-She made that morning to a special event for me. Thank you Rachel!


 I had been wearing my hair and makeup the same way for the past few decades.  Rachel was able to give me honest and professional feedback partnered with suggestions, tips and tricks to update my look.  I was amazed at the results in just a few hours’                  Mrs B- Munich

I found my colour analysis session with Rachel most interesting and it gave me a great insight into colours I admired but didnt think I could wear that gave me a more up to date look !I also had my wardrobe re-planned and was pleased that the cream dinner jacket Ive had since the 80s still fit me perfectly was deemed a classic. This showed me that she had a keen eye for good tailoring and I was able to mix this with some new purchases for a new look.                                                                                                                                Andrew T – Engineer-Southampton