Know Your Body Shape


Pete Bellis

  • Depending on age, diet or lifestyle we can put weight on in different parts of the body at different times in our lives.Hormones, childbirth, stress, illness and not being active enough can all play a part with weight change or gain.
  • Metabolism plays a major role in our shape as it processes and converts what we eat and drink and do on a daily basis into energy.
  • It is why ‘quick fix’ or fad diets don’t work for long because lowering calorie intake slows down the metabolism as the body prepares to go into ‘starvation’ mode and uses up lean tissue and muscle for fuel rather than fat.
  • The only way to keep weight to an optimum level is to combine healthy eating with an active lifestyle
  • Our metobilsm ages with us at a rate of 5% per decade after we hit 40. We also need 100 calories less a day, so choose your cake days with care!

Whether you lose or gain weight your bone structure will stay the same but It is the COMBINATION of all these factors that gives you the body shape you have.

  • In todays world, being slim is perceived to be beautiful although I’m sure you will all agree it is better to keep fit & healthy in order to enjoy an independant, happy and long life!
  • As humans we are attracted to balance which just so happens to be the key to good dressing-Here is a teaser of style shapes for body shapes.


SHAPE: You are SMALLER on the top than the bottom with narrow shoulders and a smaller bust.
KEY to YOUR dressing style is to draw attention to the top half & balance it with the lower highlighting the shoulders, neckline and face.
STYLES to look for: Structured jackets, textured & chunky knitwear, gilets over tops, fitted shirts, dresses with a fitted waist, wide straps & capped sleeves. Necklaces to keep the focus on the upper body. Wide legged Trousers that flow from the waist


SHAPE:You are BIGGER on the top than the bottom with broader shoulders & slim legs.
KEY to YOUR dressing style is to draw attention to your lower half & balance it up with the top, highlighting your great legs!
STYLES to look for: Asymetric tops, halter necklines,soft jersey tops and dresses with scooped or V-necklines, A-line or flared skirts, softly structured jackets & coats. Slim line trousers or jeans


SHAPE: Your TUMMY is larger than your bust giving focus to the middle part of your body.
KEY to YOUR dressing style is to draw the attention away from your middle to your neckline, arms & face.
STYLES to look for: Good underwear is KEY for the apple! prints & colour of one colour group in empire line or strapless; tops that are fitted at the waist, belted dresses, box pleat skirt, V-neck tops. Tailored trousers for a smooth bodyshape.

SHAPE: Your SHOULDERS and  HIPS are of equal measure with a defined waistline.This is one of the easiest bodyshapes to dress.
KEY to YOUR dressing style is to emphasise the silhouette, waistline & elongate the body.
STYLES to look for: Wrap dresses & shirts, deep V-neck cardigans, scooped neck tops, fitted jackets, tailored coats, pencil skirt or A-line and tailored trousers


SHAPE: You have a  STRAIGHT ‘ruler’ shape where shoulder and hip are the same width with slim arms and legs.

KEY to YOUR dressing style is to create curves & break up your straight frame & emphasise your waist!
STYLES to look for: Tops with detail, sweetheart & ruffled necklines, bias cut skirts and dresses in colour, texture and pattern. Capri pants and skinny jeans


All work copyright of Rachel Moss. please do not use without prior permission