Before I trained as a stylist, my shopping habits were seriously all over the place! 

For most of us, shopping can be an emotional treadmill with varying degrees of success. We shop for different reasons, out of necessity, emotion, habit, boredom or impulse.

We have all been guilty of buying things we think we want and need, but never get around to wearing, or buying into the same colour and styles without trying anything new!

And for those of us who have lost confidence from changes to the body shape, having a family, menopause, illness or generally losing sight of who we are. when faced with choice and even less help, the idea of a shopping trip is the last thing on our minds!

But help is at hand!

Imagine then, if you could go shopping with someone who was on your side, who knew all the tools to make you feel and look your most fantastic, who could guide and glide you through the kind of shops to your most flattering styles and colours that give you the confidence and know-how to shop like a pro!


Imagine how it would feel to know where to shop for that perfect pair of jeans, a jacket that goes with everything or a gorgeous dress? To know the brands that highlight and reflect your body shape, height and colouring. To shop in ways that are fun and focussed and to pick out styles and colours that reflect your personality. To have the confidence to nod to trends while looking effortless, and to be in control of what you buy, knowing each piece works perfectly with the rest of your wardrobe. To know how to highlight your best features while saving time and money using the tips and tricks of a professional. 


 Does the following sound like you?

  • You always wear the same colours and styles but would like a fresh and updated image?
  • You are not sure which colours or styles best suit you?
  • Your body shape has changed and you need some flattering new styles to compliment those changes and make you feel fantastic!
  • You need a confidence boost and don’t feel you are making the most of yourself?
  • You have so many clothes but end up wearing the same outfits and would like to know how to maximise on your choices!
  • You tend to impulse buy and waste money on things you don’t wear and want to start shopping sensibly with flattering items you are going to wear!
  • You recently changed your lifestyle or are getting a job promotion, and would like an updated image to reflect this new chapter.
  • You lead a busy lifestyle, and need help to shop more time efficiently.
  • You need help with an outfit for a special or important occasion and want to make a good first impression
  • You dislike shopping and would like to shop with an expert and pick up professional tips


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