Wardrobe Planning

Priscilla Du Preez

We wear 80% of our wardrobe 20% of the time. We can also waste vast sums on clothes that will never be worn or returned. These items can be bought on a whim, from an emotional response, or on a shopping trip with a well meaning friend or relative!

  • Do you wear the same things repeatedly because nothing fits?
  • Do you hate shopping but need new clothes and have no time?
  • Do you buy things on a whim but don’t know how to wear them?
  • Are you given ‘hand me downs’ that you don’t know what to do with?
  • Have you lost your confidence and don’t know where to look for brands that suit your body shape, lifestyle and personality?
  • Are your shopping habits and wardrobe out of control?
  • If you answer yes to any of these questions, then a wardrobe planning session is for you!

Nathan Walker


  • You will have a wardrobe that is organised, in control and co-ordinated to suit every need.
  • Clothes will fit according to your body shape, height and natural colouring.
  • Colours, fabrics and styles will flatter and highlight your best features
  • You will have a selection of best outfits to choose from whatever the season or reason
  • You will gain confidence and clarity with a wardrobe that works for you, not against you.

See What People Say!

I initially approached Rachel on recommendations from two friends who had been extremely happy with the services she had provided. After being a stay at home mum for the past few years I was returning to a work environment and felt that I needed some guidance towards finding clothes that made me feel comfortable, confident and young again.Our initial consultation was via telephone and I felt immediately at ease talking to Rachel as she is so warm, friendly and has a genuine desire to help. After each conversation we had, Rachel provided a detailed summary of what we had discussed and she included links to recommended sites/products which she felt fitted my needs.

Overall Rachel and I had several conversations either via telephone or Skype and she addressed each and every concern of mine with multiple suggestions and detailed responses.

The end result is that I have a colour palette which is tailored to me and I have a new confidence in myself and the way I look leaving me feeling ready to start work again.Many many thanks Rachel! Fiona D-Munich Germany

“Self-confidence is attractive – it draws people to See you, Listen to your ideas, and Follow your lead. So – if you’re ready to harness that power, one stop on the journey is to work with Rachel. Taming closet chaos, making those first steps into the day easy – so you walk out the door looking like you feel – clear, confident, and powerful – is an investment that quickly pays for itself! It’s why I not only send my clients who are ready to Rachel – but why I have worked with Rachel personally.” Susanne Taylor- International transition coach

I can’t thank you enough for everything we did together, it has made such a difference to the way I see my body and now take the effort to dress for my shape and generally take care of myself. Which is so important when I feel like all I do is take care of the rest of the family sometimes! Thanks again, it was so much fun, I wish I could take you on all my shopping adventures  There was absolutely no worry what so ever that I wouldn’t look good. I didn’t have to try on multiple outfits and um and ah over things. I just went straight to the wardrobe, grabbed the slinky red dress and my hubby was bowled over. We’ve also been out on a girls night  and I have never been complimented so many times on how nice I looked. It was so nice to hear and really boosts your self-confidence!  Richelle-Munich

Just a few words after some weeks… Anton is extremely happy with his new style. He is more self confident and picks his clothes more easily out of his wardrobe. There is no need to check the sizes any more, because everything in there fits 🙂 He is very clear with the colors that suit him and knows exactly which jumper to wear with which shirt. For his birthday I bought him a new shirt. That was a very short shopping trip for me, because, advised by you, I was sure about the color I wanted to buy, so I just had to look for the special details. Hope you are proud of me  and of yourself! Again, thank you Rachel for you help!    Miriam and Anton-Munich


Rachel did an amazing job bringing new life and ideas into my cluttered and overfilled wardrobe! Both I and my wardrobe can finally breathe again and I’m am wearing old and new in a different way since our wardrobe session. Getting dressed for work has become a whole lot easier for me now.The ‘Rachel’ experience is not one I will forget quickly!    

Cathy D. Recruitment Manager CEE HQ-microsoft -Munich

Rachel-It was really great working with you. Our expectations of the result are more than fulfilled. Your warm and friendly personality makes it a pleasure to spend time with you and your professional input will be helpful for both of us for a long time. I´m sure some friends of us are also interested in your service. Of course Anton and me will give them enthusiastic reports and will highly recommend you.  

Anton & Miriam Thoma-Munich

Dear Rachel, Thank you for helping me look at my wardrobe in a whole new light. It was a joy to spend time with you. In fact it was like spending 3 hours with an old friend!  You have a wonderfully creative yet approachable sense of style and I was amazed at the endless possibilities of mixing and matching trousers, jackets and skirts or adding a ribbon here or belt there to completely transform an outfit-Feeling good about yourself -inside and out – is priceless and this session was so much more about getting the best out of my wardrobe. Tamara-Munich  

”I had been hanging on to things for years some never or barely worn.  Now, I open my closet doors and love and wear everything that is in there! And when I go shopping, I shop with purpose and only buy things that fit perfectly not simply because they are a bargain.Betty- Stella & Dot Jewellery stylist-Munich

With great enthusiasm Rachel built on my resources and pulled out the “great” pieces from my closet. (And without further mention she discarded a good few not-so-great ones). Then we went into the cellar, where I keep clothes that I currently don’t wear. And that was my biggest surprise and gain: Rachel showed me ways to combine my new and old pieces in a completely new way! So, without buying anything, I now have a whole new wardrobe!  Sabine- Munich                                             

”The superb wardrobe Rachel created for me enables me to win over the confidence of potential investors when I am in production meetings in my other guise of producer. I am a firm advocate that ‘clothes maketh the man ‘, and one’s first impressions are the most important                                                                                                                      Johnnie-LP  Actor L.A