‘‘ Style is not superficial, it is a philosophical project of the deepest order ” -Bruce Mau


Having style, is not about trying to look younger, but feeling good about yourself and giving yourself permission to express it. It is about facing the world with confidence and a knowledge that you can dress for who you are and the individual role(s) in life.

With four workshops to choose from. Take them as a course or on an individual basis.

  • Finding your Style– Style is about developing and trusting an instinct regardless of what trends or society dictates.This workshop taps into the sub-concious, revealing choices, ideas and desires and bringing them to the surface. You will discover styles that reflect your unique personality and allow you to feel and look authentic from the inside, out. A fun and thought provoking workshop.
  • Dressing for your body shape and using colour in your wardrobe–  Styles that may have worked well for us ten or fifteen years ago are unlikely to sit so well today.  It is important to know how to adapt to these changes in a positive way. Regardless of shape or age, this workshop shows how to highlight the best of your body shape and conceal those things you are not so happy with. We go on a journey to discover the best colours for your hair eyes and skin and why wearing certain colours can make a huge impact on your business and social life!
  • Wardrobe planning and how to accessorize– We wear approximately 80% of our clothes 20% of the time! Discover ways to expand on current outfits while increasing choices within your existing wardrobe. Learn to recycle what you have, adding accessories where needed. Discover the best shapes and styles for your body shape and learn easy ways to up-date your look. This workshop will give you a whole new outlook on your style. increase confidence. and save time and money each time you go shopping.
  • Make-up Skin Care & Deportment– Besides a new hair cut, makeup is one of the most effective ways to update a look instantly. As we age, our skin tone and hair colour changes. Knowing how to adapt to these changes increases confidence and self-awareness. Learn easy and effective techniques and how wearing the right makeup can make you look years younger, boost your complextion and make your eyes sparkle. We also learn how good posture and body language can boost your confidence and impact on both  business and personal life.

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